This property has A LOT of history.  I’ve done a lot of reading to wrap my head around this one and the different families.  I hope I’ve got it right and if I don’t….


The original owners of this land, Mr. & Mrs. M (notice I don’t say home cause I have no clue who built the home, the first family, the second family, a family before both of those families), married in 1919 and moved into the home shortly thereafter. Mr. M’s family originated from Edinburg, Scotland.

The M family raised their children here and in 1947 sold it to the parents of current land owner Mr. & Mrs. P.  The M’s moved to Winnipeg.  Mr. & Mrs. M are buried in the cemetery in the closest town to the home.

IMG_6761.JPG I would say that this was a large home for its time with two entrances, both with covered porches, a large eat-in kitchen with a staircase leading upstairs.  The kitchen, at the back entrance was also where you would go down into the basement.

There was a large living room wherein one curtain was still hanging on the rod and the other was hanging in the center of the window like a hanging, ghostly figure.  A Hoover vacuum which would have been a good one in its time, stood near the center of the room.


This is also the room where a large staircase led to the second level of the home.


What I am imagining as the dining room, at the front of the home and to the left of this doorway was a floor model television.  A good one.


I’m sure if there was still power to the home, if we plugged that TV in, it would have worked.  And as per usual, there would be nothing on!

Both families were very active in the community they lived in.

I do know that the wife of the second family, Mr. & Mrs. P moved out of the home in 1976, a year after the death of her husband.  It has been vacant ever since, sort of.  I would say that there have been some inhabitants of the furry type in this house.

While I did not venture up, Reg did.  He didn’t get very far as the home seems to be splitting in half.  This is not visible from the outside or main level of the home.

I did also discover while trying to find the door into the home that the upstairs of the home was now the home of A LOT of wasps.  While standing in the kitchen on the main level below the window that the wasps were going in and out of I could hear them.  I am assuming that they are living in the walls and floors of that second floor room.  There was no further investigation for me as I have no intentions of walking into a wasps nest ever again.

The home is nicely treed and secure from the elements.  Also on the property was an old barn, some bins,  an open cow shelter, a shed and the remnants of something else but only the concrete slab remains.

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