The original descendants of this family came to Canada in 1855 from Ireland and settled in Ontario.  In they moved to Manitoba 1882 he bought the section of land on which this house was built.


This was not the original home.  This house was built in approximately 1904 and replaced a log home along the Long River.


Even through hard times Mr. & Mrs. K managed to keep food on the table and keep the house warm, cutting wood from the area and keeping a large family warm, fed and healthy. The land was located on a trail used by travellers and in winter many stopped for directions, weather reports and possibly warmth.


What I found very interesting in this home was the honey comb we found everywhere, right when we came through the back door and further into the house.


I thought it was neat that wild bees had found themselves a place to build a “hive”.


I loved that I could read up and find so much history about this family and the land they lived on.  The kids enjoyed the exploring, skating on the river and tobogganing down the hill in the winter.  Over the many generations the family was active in their community.





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