As per my previous visit, this homestead is also part of the same family, except they were brothers and ventured off in the same countryside farming different sections of land.


In 1899 the parents of this family came to Manitoba to farm this particular section of land.  Their son followed in 1892 by railway cattle car, caring for the stock he was bringing with him.

The stunning home was built in 1901 with the help of his brothers using “native stone”.  They used a kiln which was erected on the property.


He married in 1902 and him and his wife raised 5 children in this home.


The property still has  much of the old farming equipment there, some of it in excellent condition and well cared for over the years.


The yard and home are immaculately kept as the family still farms the land and spends much time here.  In fact, many of them were there the day we came, farming.  It was nice to hear the stories and get the history.


I enjoyed my visit to this farm and thanked the current owner who granted us permission the night before for his time and his history lesson.

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