I found this house a while back while cruising the back roads with my family.  I stopped for a  side of the shot and the intentions to get home and find the land owner.



This farm has been in the family for many, many years.  This family originated in 1824 after an 11 week voyage from Scotland.  In 1890 they decided to head to Manitoba.

A family of five was raised in this home and they farmed this quarter section and a half section across the road.  The only son of this family still owns and farms this land.

The home is starting to show its age and had significant damage in the kitchen area from the top floor.  There was also a soft spot in the kitchen which we avoided on the way out.


Here is the view out of one of their living room windows.  It was very smoky the day Reg and I went out shooting so a lot of our pictures that day weren’t optimal.


Each room had a different wallpaper.  Leading up the stairs the wood was lined with newspaper which I am assuming was used as insulation.  Reg made his way upstairs which was not the most stable second floor that we have entered.  He ventured up alone but knowing Reg he got some amazing photos out of those upstairs windows.


Many of the homes we’ve entered in the last month have had shoes inside.  Some have also still had the old rotary telephone.  For some reason I love this.


I really enjoyed this home.  It is a popular spot for other abandoned seekers in the area who do a lot of night shooting.  I knew they were there by the little battery operated lights scattered throughout the main floor of the house.


On our way out of this house I had a squishy step.  I stepped back to see that I had stepped on a 2×4, although thinking back I don’t think it was that wide, which was suspended over a hole.  Reg ventured over to see what the hole was about but didn’t offer me much feedback.  What I don’t know can’t hurt me right?  Regardless, I was skitish for the rest of the day.



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