I am told that this old home, built of concrete and standing up to the elements was built with local sand & gravel, then mixed to make concrete and poured by hand.  Here is a photo of the house taken in 1882.


This huge home, I am told, was the home of a large family whom had their help live inside with them.  The family came from Ontario and Mr. moved to this property in February, 1882 and started to build the home.  In August of that year Mrs. and 3 of their children joined him.  The boys took over the farm after their parents died in 1920 and 1926.  The farm was then sold to another family that still remains in the area.


The inside tells a very different story of its ability to hold its own against the harsh elements of the prairies.  The roof is gone, the walls are coming down and the floor doesn’t exist in some places.  Really, anything that is wood is gone.  There was no evidence of the once wrap around porch.


The best picture I could get of the home was from the back.  The one side is almost completely treed in, so much so that the trees are growing through the windows.  The front was no different.


There were a lot of outbuildings and spectacular prairie views where ever you looked.  On this particular day a storm was brewing in the area and off in the distance, Reg and I could hear the thunder.  It was hot too!


I wish I had found this yard years ago.  I wonder if there would have been more there than what is now.


Most abandoned seekers will tell you about there dislike for caragana’s.  They will literally take over and provide a shield around an old abandoned home.

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