Over the years, a couple of families have resided on this property but I cannot confirm from the history books who built this home.  I did manage to find this photograph that was taken in 1892.


This is what the home looks like now.  I can’t tell you enough how much I hate hydro poles!


With the exception of one wall, this house is strong and stable.  I admired it from the outside for quite some time.  I can tell you that the inside of the home did not disappoint either.


The details inside the home showed the pride the owners had in this home with fine little detailing on the cupboards and in the bathroom.  It was lived in for quite some time.


I can only assume from my research that the family that once owned this land immigrated to Canada in the later 1800’s and remained in the area for some time.  Many of their ancestors are buried in the local cemetery.  They were very involved in their community and were very successful in their farming endeavors.  Some of the family endured tremendous loss, losing two sons at very young ages and a wife who became a widow very young as well.  The endured and her sons took over her farm and she lived some time.

I wish I knew more.

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