For the last 5 days I have been lucky enough to be able to tour around with my family and today, my husband.  Of course they don’t have the enthusiasm that I do when it comes to an old house but they sure do like the wildlife that we come upon every once and again.

Today while we were going from one house to another we spotted an eagle.  As we drove a little further ahead I spotted a nest and for some dumb reason decided that I needed a photo of it.  Well all I would have shot, picture wise, was a mass of twigs.  Well when I zoomed in, which Cade figures was about 50 yards, was a white head with an orange beak.

IMG_0224 email.jpg

I didn’t get out of the car as we didn’t want to distrub this family any more than we already had and we certainly didn’t stay long.  This family has taken over an abandonded yard, the yard we were heading to.  When we left, Mr. was sitting in the tree making his odd little noise, I’m assuming he was telling us to get lost.

I’d like to go back in a couple weeks with a better lens, which I plan on purchasing tonight, to see if I can see any little eaglettes.

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