TESTING 1,2, 3 or 200

Monday afternoon I headed out to the Bay in town to see if I could get some photos of the pelican’s using manual mode! Within about 10 – 15 test shots I gave up and switched to priority mode and eventually ended up on auto, again.

I have done a lot of reading on shotting in RAW and JPEG mode and decided, after I purchased a bigger SD card, that this was a good idea.  There is always that chance that you may have gotten the perfect shot AND you do need to adjust the exposure in order to save it instead of hitting delete.

Anyways, long story short, I went out twice on Monday, took over 200 photos and kept maybe 10.

I did manage to save this shot because I was able to adjust the exposure (from the RAW file) and ligtning it a bit.

IMG_9759 email

Here is an instance when I would have liked a lens with a longer focal point but again, I’m not there yet.

A wise man who has an amazing talent for bird photography, told me, pick something, be it focus, white balance, apeture, whatever.  Learn it, learn it well and move on to the next thing.

Thank goodness I no longer have to pay for film and developing.

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