In November, 2012 my family and I headed to the Christmas parade in town to see the floats.  It was cold that evening, -26 if my memory serves me correctly.

On our way home from the craft sale in the mall, we heard a kitten crying.  It ran past us down the street.  Of course I ran after it and caught it.  I took it inside one of the local businesses and asked the people inside if it belong to anyone.  It was tiny.  It fit in my hand and I could cover it up with my other hand.

I stuck the kitten in my jacket and drove home.  It licked my face the whole way.  Long story short, no one claimed it and there was no way the kids were giving it up anyways. My husband then started looking for the perfect name for our frozen little kitten who had frost bite on her feet.  Her name would be Kisinaa, the word for cold in Ojibway.

kisinaa email

Now on to the point of my post.  The other night after playing 21 with my son and husband and getting beat again, I sat down and here she came for cuddles.  So I got the camera out to play around.  Now instead of putting the 50mm on, I went with my standard 50-85mm f 4-5.6 kit lens and got this shot of her.  I would say its a pretty decent shot, sharp around her face and eyes and then blurs out to a perfect DOF.  Now unlike my other attempt with the 50mm with Payton and Walker, the sun is not nearly as bright as it was coming upon the golden hour.  The days of just turning on the camera, making sure its on auto mode and taking a photo is something I want to get away from.  No matter what lens I have, if I adjust my camera to the appropriate settings, I’ll get a good shot, regardless if I have a kit lens on or some other fancy lens that I likely didn’t need to buy.

I’m also trying to convince myself that I don’t really need a 600mm lens for shooting birds and wildlife although I really, really want it and my husband is sick of hearing about it and has already told me to buy it.

Now let me tell you a funny story about Kisinaa.  Last year around this time, my husband came home from town, clearly unsettled.  When I asked him what was going on he advised me that he found Kisinaa on the highway and she was in the back of the truck and I needed to tell him where I wanted her buried!  After some arguing I went with him to the driveway to see if it was really her.  I have to admit that it looked a lot like her but something was off in her face.  She has all the right markings, white tip on the tail, but she was too big.  So off her went to the back field to bury her.  I was sent off to pick up the kids from friends and when we had gathered them up we were going to tell them.

After we all settled down it was time to make supper so Cade was out on the deck BBQ’ing when he felt something brush up on his legs.  At our house that could mean anyone as we have more than 1 cat.  We have more than 5 cats actually.  When he looked down to see who was loving him up, he said he almost fell to his knees when Kisanaa was standing there looking up at him.  His first thoughts were Pet Semetery.  We never did find or hear of anyone missing their cat who looked like our Kisanaa.  And clearly, our Kisinaa is alive and well.

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