Remember the house who was lived in by the little lady whom never married and would ocassionally get on the school bus and go to town for the day and return home on the school bus?  Well her sister married the gentleman who bought this land in 1939. Her nephew still farms the land.

IMG_9874 email.jpg

It was here that Mr. farmed cattle and hogs on the land until his death in 1977. His Mrs. lived on and passed in the home in 2001, the last time this house was occupied.

Mr.’s grandfather was born on July 13, 1883 and moved to Canada when he was in his 20’s.  Here he met and married his wife and together they raised 4 children.  They farmed in Holmfield for many years and moved to Killarney in 1961.

IMG_9869 email.jpg

When I first posted this photograph on Facebook, my post received a comment advising me that as a child, the poster played in this house with his childhood friend.

IMG_9876 email.jpg

Speaking to the new Mrs. of this land she advised me that years ago they had inquired about repairing the roof and replacing the windows in this old family home.  They were quoted an amount near $20,000.00.  I often read people’s comments “oh, what a beautiful home, why don’t they save it?”  I think we forget how much these sorts of repairs can cost. We are working hard to keep our own homes maintained, let alone a century old home that likely needs a new foundation, windows, upgrades to the heating and water systems and likely a host of other issues due to its age. I can’t imagine it’s easy to watch these old home deteriorate beyond repair, especially for the generations of family still here that have fond memories of the home.

This home has been on my to see list for some time.  This weekend I called and after some hesitation, was granted permission to take a couple photos.  I am happy I was able to find and receive some history.  Thank you Mr. & Mrs.


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