On this day of exploring, I was in new territory.  I had vistited a home on my to-do list and then attempted to get into another but didn’t want to distrub the crop in the field and decided to come back in the Fall.

IMG_0883 email

On our way home, hubby (aka Eagle eyes) took a turn of the main highway to investigate a roof in the distance.  As we carried on we came across this old place.

Driving away from what I think will be a real gem, once I get permission, I got all turned around and lost track of the road numbers.  Then we stumbled across this.

IMG_0893 email

I admit, I don’t like when I can’t find some sort of history on the property.  It feels like the job is incomplete.  Anything I can find doesn’t confirm who the actual land owner is or their life there.




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