This wooden grain elevator on the CPR Estevan Subdivision is the oldest grain elevator in Manitoba and is also believed to be the oldest standard-plan elevator in Canada.

Lake of the Woods Milling 3 email

The elevator was constructed in September, 1897 although I have also read that construction started in 1892 and was completed in 1899, by the Lake of the Woods Milling Company.  In 1950 the footing was partially rebuilt and a scale was installed at that same time.  This led some to suspect that the elevator was rebuilt at this time. However, its characteristic squat style, quite different from those of other prairie elevators, supports a contention that it is original.

Lake of the Woods Milling 2 email

The elevator became part of the Ogilvie Milling Company when, in 1954, the two companies merged. For reasons unknown, the elevator retained the original company name painted on its side. It was purchased in 1959 by the Manitoba Pool Elevators and then closed the elevator in 1968 and was sold to private interests.

Lake of the Woods Milling 3 email

Considering the age of this elevator, I believe that it stands quite strong.

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