B.W. was born in Chili in 1871 and as a young boy returned to England with his family where they stayed until his mother passed away in 1887.  At that time his family of 6 brothers and 4 sisters all went their separate ways.  He came to Canada in 1888 and his brother followed him a year later.


In 1890 the brothers acquired this piece of land and lived in this old log house.

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The land was broken with walking plows and oxen.

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In 1891 their sister came to Canada and helped her brothers on their farm until she married.  Her husband passed away in 1894 and at that time she decided to return to England.  In 1892 their other brother came to Canada and purchased his own land not far from them.

The family was known for the musical ability and in particular their ability to play piano, organ and to sing and act.  They also enjoyed cricket, tennis and football.

In 1899 they built a new house.

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This property is beautifully treed and there are many outbuildings.

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In 1910 they built this steel barn.

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The brothers started raising horses and did so until the 1930’s.  At one time there were 36 horses in the barn to be fed and watered and when needed, there were as many as 8 to 10 horses ready to work in the fields each day.

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Horse power was used for crushing and the grain was cut and stacked until the Fall to await the steam threshing outfit of many workers.  In 1918 they bought their own threshing machine and slowly the heavy machinery took over the work on the farm.

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B.W. was married in 1903.  Together they had 3 daughters.

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B.W contracted pneumonia and passed away on November 18, 1923.  May, his oldest daughter returned to the farm with her husband in 1927 when Uncle L took ill.  In 1929 they moved into the small cottage with their sons to take over the farm from her father and uncle.

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Uncle L and BW’s wife both passed away in 1965.  BW’s grandson, CD later took over the farming operations on this land.  He married in 1950 and raised 4 children here.

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When Mrs. D sold this property, this farm had been a part of her husband’s family history for over 100 years.    Even after their retirement, Mr. D still drove out to the farm to keep up the property and do a little bit of farming.  When Mrs. decided to sell, she was offered help to clean the property.  By clean the property she assumed that these people were offering to clean the yard, etc.

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These individuals attended to the house and property and helped themselves to personal belongings in the home, as well as grates and wood banisters from inside the home.  They attempted to sell same online for a profit and when police were involved the discussion was deemed a misunderstanding between the parties.

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