The other night while baking and cleaning I glanced out the kitchen window to our typical sunset but on the East side, the sky was orange and pink, a storm was moving in. I grabbed the camera and got into the car. Along highway 3 towards town I stopped to take this!

We carried on into town to catch the sunset over the lake.

People were stopping to take photos and slowing down to check it out. The sky was starting to rumble. Across the road, the sky was completely different.

At this point the battery in my camera is dying and of course I didn’t bring my camera bag. So I headed back home but make another quick detour to catch some photos from the fairgrounds.

After getting this I was content for the night but I did race home for a charged battery and did head back to the beach. I took some more photos but these four were my favourites, by far.

I am fortunate enough to live in a place where beautiful sunsets are the norm.

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