On the way home from an on ice session a month or so ago, I noticed something on the highway a ways up.  I asked Colton, are those cats?  As we got closer they looked towards us and then ran into the ditch.  While, the cats turned out to be a family of little fox.  There were about 5 of them, one of which immediately ran into the den.

foxes for email

Colton and I spent some time on the side of the road watching them play and groom each other.  Unfortunately we also noticed a dead one in the ditch not far from the den opening.  We didn’t get close enough to see if it could have been Mom, but I think it was to small to be her.  And the way they were playing on the highway, I’m not surprised that one of the them may have been hit.

little fox_1 email After a while they got bored of us and went back into the den and I was distracted by the lady slippers in the ditch.

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