Sixteen kilometers from Wilcox, Saskatchewan is the small town of Rouleau. Rouleau is better known as Dog River, the home of the sitcom Corner Gas. The show ran from 2004 to 2009 with a majority of the show filmed in the small town except scenes inside Ruby’s, the police station, inside Emma and Oscar’s house.

Without stopping, you would never know this successful sitcom was filmed in this town, except for the grain elevator on highway 39 which still bares the name of the small, made up town.

While driving through the town early one morning I easily located “The Howler”.

On the side of the building is a series of cut outs of the shows most popular characthers that you can pose with.

And right across from the street is the “Dog River Hotel” which is don’t recall from any of the episodes.

To bad it wasn’t open when I stopped.

While there are many of these location markers in the town, most of the buildings have been restored and you wouldn’t know that they were part of the shows set.

After shooting these photos I had to make sure that I wasn’t missing Corner Gas or The Ruby. I stopped and did a search on the internet and found out that the set for these two locations was built under the premise that they would be used for 13 episodes. They continually had to made repairs to it in order for it to last as long as it did. They left the set up for many years after production wrapped up but eventually it became dangerous and had to be taken down.

The one thing I did drive around to find was Emma and Oscar’s house.

You can do a self-guided tour of town which says will take approximately 1 hour. I contemplated not making the stop but am happy that I did. I likely creeped these people out by taking a photo of their house but I’m sure they are used to it.


  1. Aloha from Kaneohe, Oahu Island, State of Hawaii, USA. I loved “Corner Gas.” I binge watched every episode, then hit the animated ones, and finally watched the movie. It’s sad that not much of the town set is left, but I’m glad Oscar & Emma’s house is still there.


    1. It was cool to see all the buildings in person but I was disappointed that some of them were gone. I had to make the drive through town given I was so close and I’m glad I did now that the elevator is gone.


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