A couple weeks ago, during a brief stint of remote learning, Cade & I were driving around and I spotted these cars in town, just nicely tucked away. Of course I made note of the location to find the owner. Must have been my lucky day because when Cade drove around the corner, there was a truck parked there with a person inside. Long story short, he was the man I was looking for and let me know that he had a real little treasure that I might want to photograph.

It was an oldie and he told me that his Dad drove him to his first day of school in it. He said he would make sure that it was a in a location good for photographs.

This car was very popular on Instagram. I think every photo of it that I posted got featured on a page dedicated to old cars.

There were some outbuildings and other stuff parked around these cars so I had to get close, down and sometimes awkwardly angled to get good shots. And of course I wasn’t able to get the car from all sides.

The photo below was featured 4 different times on different pages on Instagram and easily has become one of my favorite photos.

This car is a Chevy Biscayne. The year, I do not know but I bet it was a real head turner in its prime. I’m happy that I was able to find it and capture it.

Parked behind this car was an old International Harvester.

I’m going to make the assumption that these trucks were highly sought after for farming operations. I have lost track of how many I have found, all in different stages of life or decay, for lack of a better word. Better yet, all in different stages of patina.

This old truck has definitely seen a lot of weather and sun and even though its paint is all gone it really is a nice old truck.

With all the stuff around these cars, some of the shots were hard to get and I did have to crop them to get some of the background “noise” out. Who doesn’t like a close up? I think you’ll agree, it worked out fine with this old truck.

This shot was also popular and it is also one of my favorites. I’m really enjoying black and white these days.

I often wonder how hard it would be to get some of these old vehicles to run again. I can see why all of these car enthusiasts try to save these old beauties.

This has got to be one of my best finds. I’m thankful that the owner allowed me to stop and take some photos. I should wrap this off and give him a call and shoot his other car, while the weather is still bearable.

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