From the highway I could tell there was some sort of vehicle down in the field on this route that we don’t travel often. I put it on my to-do list but never seem to get to it.

I made my way there in the Spring while I was checking out some other spots but the field lane in was wet and the crop was just starting to shoot up so I decided it would be best to put this off, yet again, until the Fall.

There were no distinguishing markers on this car so we made our way through the willows to find some sort of badge or marker. It was determined it was a Dodge. The inside of this car is melted out. I’ll make the assumption that over the years this field has been burnt down in the Fall and this has led to the glass, steering wheel and the inside of this car to be melted down.

Needless to say, a decent shot was hard to achieve and because the car was really overgrown, you couldn’t get anything good except a peek-a-book sort of shot. Honestly, I can’t even tell you if the wheels were still on the car.

There was was also a piece of an old farm implement close by, a stove and this.

Of course the color of this heap of metal gives it away but it was only a small piece of a bus.

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