Many moons ago I visited this old house. The landowner and I chatted a little while about the house and if I recall correctly, it has been vacant since the 1970’s. I recall we had a long talk about wells and how I shouldn’t be concerned as anything on this land had been covered. What she didn’t warn me about were the MILLIONS (I might be exaggerating a bit) of wasps that had made their home in the south side wall. There were so many of them that you could hear them buzzing outside the house.

Once we made our way in you could see them flying around the kitchen. I didn’t go upstairs but they were quite active up there as well, according to my exploring partner.

Anyways, long story short, I went back a few weeks ago because I recalled there was an old car on the edge of the property which I didn’t photograph. Back then, the cars didn’t interest me at all.

So even though I was given permission all that time ago, I called the family again and of course they had no issue with me going back onto the land. What they didn’t know what that there was actually a car there. I’ll be sure to send them some photographs of it in the New Year.

There’s not much left of this old car. The inside is gone and there were no markers or badges on the outside. Cade and I were able to find something inside the car which identified it as a Mercury Monarch. Further investigation by super sleuth hubby came home and let me know the Monarch was only sold in Canada.

I’m glad I went back and got at least a couple shots. The sun was just starting to set and I desperately wanted to get two other properties photographed before I ran out of light.

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