One afternoon while on a tour to photograph two other houses on my to-do list, I decided to take a different way home. It was worth it.

I came across this old house that was just about to be leveled. In fact, the man working there, whom I asked for permission to take a couple photos said that I was a couple days late because he had already taken down numerous outbuildings.

Herb and his wife lived on this farm with Herb’s brother who last his wife many years ago and was of ill health.

The brother enjoyed carpentry and working on equipment.

I am sure that this old home is an Eaton’s Catalogue home. I did a quick search of the internet but wasn’t able to find anything like this one but it is similar to others I have found.

I sure enjoyed my little ride through this area and was able to shoot another home and find one that I need to go back to.

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