I just knew I had to go back to this house for another look. When I visited the first time the grass was really high and it was really hot and the sky was crap!

I called the landowners and Mr. was happy to let me head back out for a couple free photos. He was more worried about me wandering around during hunting season so I was sure to put on my colorful snowmobile jacket so I wouldn’t be mistaken for a deer.

The sky wasn’t ideal again but I figure, this is a short drive from home and maybe over the Christmas holiday I’ll catch it with a beautiful sunset.

This is a beautiful home, no matter why the weather or the sky. The landowner protects this home well and I really don’t blame him.

Also on the land is a neat old barn. I wandered over there again because it was hard to shoot the last time I was there for the grass and the leaves. Its so over grown that you really can’t get a good shot of it.

This must have been quite a home in its prime. I know, I say that a lot.

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