This school is on private property and permission was granted for us to enter.


The school opened in 1887 and operated until January, 1968.


Richview School is the only original school built and still standing in the area.  When school started it was agreed upon that classes would run in the Fall, Spring and Summer as the winters were to cold and the school would need to be heated.  It was later agreed upon that the older children were needed at home during the summer and they decided to run school through winter.  The first student to arrive at the school in the AM was paid to light a fire.  The student was paid $0.05 per morning.


In 1939 this addition was made to the school to make more room for social activities.

In 1941 hydro was installed and in 1949 the basement was enlarged to hold a coal furnace.  In 1951 the Insul-Brick was added to help insulate the school.


The school bell was donated to the local museum and other items were donated to the new school including the fire extinguisher, text books, radio and a chemistry set.


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